100 years of music development Volendammer portrayed. Volendam hold himself only too happy to publish a sober folks are "just act normal, then you do crazy enough" is a popular saying, behind which they try to hide. But how 'normal' can you be when you as a village develops its own unique sound, where 40 years of international successes are being achieved with it? Indeed, that's pretty crazy.

  Most hits from the top 40 are found to be by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Abba, Madonna or Michael Jackson, but by a number of 'ordinary' Volendam! Not scored The Palingsound Museum Pavilion Smit-Bokkum offers a 100-year quest for musical blood in Volendam. A search for the origin, the musical families, the specific Volendam music, the bands and singers that this remarkable village on the IJsselmeer international allure provided with its own unique sound successful.

Admission: € 1.75


Curious about the history of the craft eel smoking? 

The 5th and 6th generation Smit-Bokkum, Jan, and Jan Evert Jr., offers tours where they light up a corner of the veil on the 6 generations long kept secret and which inspired rookprocedé is told about the famous Volendam eel industry. The tours can be combined with an arrangement consisting of a snack, drink or complete menu. For more info:

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