Cycling holidays in Noord-Holland

Noord-Holland has many beautiful local areas through which you can enjoy cycling and is most suitable for a cycling holiday. When you bike through these beautiful landscapes you can see extensive meadows, cows, ditches, windmills, farms and various villages and little towns.

Typical Volendam

Volendam is a traditional village with it’s own uses. Did you know about these typical Volendam facts?

The fish auction and the Volendam Museum

More information on two of Volendam's landmarks: the Volendam Fish Auction and Volendam Museum.

Volendam costume

We still see it almost every day, the Volendam costume. But is it still being worn today, is it purely worn for tourism purposes or is it cultural heritage?

Cod fillet from the oven

Easy but delicious recipe with fresh cod fillet.

Stewed IJsselmeer eel

Stewed IJsselmeer eel, according to an old Volendam recipe