Volendam costume

We still see it almost every day, the Volendam costume. But is it still being worn today, is it purely worn for tourism purposes or is it cultural heritage? Internationally, the Volendam costume is the most well-known. Each year, tens of thousands of people are dressing up in the Volendam costume to take a picture in one of the photo shops on the Dike.

The Volendam costume, often referred to as the national costume, has garnered much of his fame thanks to the many painters who visited Volendam in the 1900’s. In many of these paintings, people were painted wearing the Volendam costume. Because these painters came from all over the world, the paintings were sold all over the world as well. Therefore, the Volendam costume became known globally.

The main feature of the Volendam costume is the so-called ‘hul’, a lace lap that serves as a headgear. Furthermore, the chains of red coral (often three rows and with a golden lock) with a boat or fishing related hanger is a ‘must-have accessory’ in the costume. Since the costume is worn less and less, over 80% of the times you see a Volendam costume, it is tourism related. However, it is certainly not extinct and that will never happen!

Origin of the Volendam costume

The Volendam costume has found its origin in the fact that, ages ago, the smaller rural villages, were not that often in contact with people from bigget cities. Therefore, villages such as Volendam didn’t knew about the latest fashion updates. Therefore, the Volendam costume remained as the ‘fashion standard’ in Volendam for quite a long time. The Volendam costume you’ll see as you wander across Volendam can be seen as the fashion standard from the 19th century.

Taking a picture in Volendam costume?

Volendam has many different shops where you can go to dress up in Volendam costume and take a picture in it. Costs of these pictures are around € 15,00, which can be considered as reasonable priced.

Relaxing after a day in Volendam?
We certainly recommend you to take a trip to Volendam and enjoy our beautiful village. Start or end your day in our restaurant Le Pompadour. We can explain you more about Volendam and tell you some of the finest spots. You can either have a coffee with e.g. cake, enjoy a fantastic lunch or come for a sumptuous dinner. See you soon in Volendam!