Typical Volendam

Volendam is a traditional village with it’s own uses. Did you know about these typical Volendam facts?

  • There used to be a little house on the dike of Volendam, which was called ‘Het Praathuis’. In this little house older people from Volendam came together to discuss the latest news and share their knowledge.
  • If you come to Volendam the first thing that you will notice is the dialect. In parts of the Netherlands dialects slowly fade away. But in Volendam dialect is still fully spoken.
  • If you are not from Volendam but from outside the village you are called ‘een jas’ (a jacket in English). If you are not from Volendam you will be called a jacket, even if you are married with someone from Volendam.
  • Volendam has the tradition to give each other nicknames. This is done for practical reasons. Many people in Volendam have the same last and first name. With nicknames distinction is made between the families and people in Volendam.
  • In many backyards in Volendam you will see a wooden post. This post is for the laundry and is called a roopstok. Between the post and the house wires are strained. On the wires the wax is hanged and can be easily brought inside, due to the wires and a pulley.

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