The fish auction and the Volendam Museum

Volendam, pronounced as [ˌvoːlənˈdɑm] is a small village near Amsterdam with around 30.000 inhabitants. The village Volendam is a popular tourist attraction and well know for its authentic harbour, traditional clothing and cozy atmosphere.

Each year, Volendam attracts around 1.000.000 tourists. Those visitors can enjoy Volendam’s delicious fish, many terraces and many authentic events. In this article we’ll share some more information on the Volendam Fish Auction and Volendam Museum.

Volendam Fish Auction

The Volendam Fish Auction is a beautifully kept monument, located in the harbour of Volendam. This building is built in order of G.A. St. Vincentius in 1934 and has been kept originally ever since. Last years, the Volendam Fish Auction has lost its original function and became a fully tourist attraction.

Before the construction of the Afsluitdijk in the 1930’s, Volendam’s fishing fleet consisted of around 250 fishing boats, mainly fishing on the IJsselmeer. At that time, the fish auction was one of the most important places in Volendam. A place were people got together and money was made.

Nowadays, the Volendam fish auction functions as an information point where tourists can learn more on Volendam’s history. Furthermore, the houses the harbour master whose office is furnished as an old living room from the past. During specific events or schoolprojects, the fish auction can still be used to bring back memories on the good old Volendam.

Volendam Museum

Would you like to take a look in Volendam’s past? The Volendam Museum is an ideal place to start your journey. The museum is located in the center of Volendam, near the harbour and old town center. This makes the museum easily accessible and ensures enough parking space in the close neighbourhood. The main point of the Volendam Museum is exhibiting aspects on the culture and history of Volendam.

You’ll experience how people worked and lived in the small village of Volendam in the 19th and 20th centurie. You’ll see how people lived in the small wooden fishing cottages and you’ll experience some of the most beautifull arts made in/about Volendam.

But there is more than just paintings and old houses. There is also an exhibition on the traditional costumes of Volendam and items such as postcards.

Furthermore, the Volendam Museum also houses the well-known cigar bands-house which displays mosaics and decorations of 11 million cigar-bands. In the film house, also housed in the museum, visitors can often see exhibitions and films on specific subjects.